Ribbon Blender Mixer (RBM)


Many customers face “dust pollution” when it comes to dry blending of ingredients in powder form. 

When raw powder materials are transferred out from the sack to the ribbon mixer/blender, powder “flies” around and disperse in the air leading to: 

  1. wastage of raw materials,
  2. irritation if inhaled and
  3. dusty working environment for the operators. 

Multimix Vacuum Ribbon Blender is specially designed for powder mixing or blending of dry powders products while eliminating “powder” pollution.


The vacuum mechanism sucks the powder into mixing chamber, thus effectively preventing the powder which is light in nature from dispersing in the surrounding air leading to powder pollution usually seen in conventional method of direct pouring of powders into the mixing chamber.  This way, no moisture can be trapped in the products when for powder blending process is done under vacuum condition. 

The helical ribbon blades are also different from conventional ones as they are fitted with Teflon scrapers in order to scrap the edges continuously to improve the homogeneity of the dry mix/blend.

A special liquid spraying system (LSS) can also be added when incorporating liquid phase in the powder to avoid agglomerates. 


  • Spices
  • Cosmetic compact powder
  • Detergent powder
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Instant coffee powders 


  • Elimination of dusty environment
  • Vacuum design prevents oxidation and moisture during mixing 
  • Electrical lifting system for better ergonomics
  • Reduced batch processing time 
  • Safety features for operators 
  • Homogeneous mixture of powders within minutes
  • Robust solution for dry, repeatable mixing and blending
  • Designed for easy cleaning, maintenance and spare parts change
  • Explosion proof motor for utmost safety
  • GMP and sanitary design compliant
  • High stability of mix


  • electrical lifting for cover
  • external bearing for easier maintenance 
  • double mechanical seal outside of bearing
  • safety limit switches 
  • pneumatically operated discharge valve
  • double helical ribbon plus Teflon scraper
  • designed for vacuum 
  • vacuum feeders for material transfer with vacuum 
  • compatible with screw mixer at bottom for ease of packing

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