Lab Vacuum Mixer (VM)


Vacuum condition is necessary to eliminate any kind of air during mixing which will affect the texture of product output and at the same time helps to maintain the consistency of product’s net weight. 

Multimix® laboratory vacuum mixers are specially designed for processes that require vacuum in the laboratory. It is suitable for any kind of emulsion and dispersion applications and widely used in industries with stringent quality requirements such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. 


By means of a vacuum pump or vacuum system, all air in the mixing vessel will be sucked out prior to mixing. This prevents formation of air bubbles, lumps or agglomerates usually seen in conventional dispersion, emulsion or powder liquid mixing processes done without vacuum.   

APPLICATIONS (link to Mixing Applications page)

  • Food & Beverage e.g. honey, flavouring ingredients  
  • Beauty & Cosmetics e.g. make-up foundations, lotions, creams 
  • Latex compounds 


  • Vacuum design 
  • Jacketed vessel for indirect heating/cooling 
  • Interchangeable workhead: rotor/stator 🡪 disperser blade 
  • Patented ‘V’ type rotor & stator (single or double vortex design) 
  • Electrical or pneumatic lifting 

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