IBC Mixer


In chemical industries, the chemical solutions are commonly stored in the form of IBC container and kept in a warehouse for storage. Depending on the scale of mixing, the batches produced are very large and thus the containers are kept for a long period of time, up to months until it is distributed to customers. Thus, some sediments will start to form and drop to container bottom or the solvents will start to separate. 


Multimix® IBC fluid mixer also known as IBC tote mixer has four fan-shaped folding impellers and when in rotary motion, creates a vortex to agitate the fluids in IBC container and thus prevent sedimentation at the bottom. 


It is designed solely for use with transportable plastic intermediate bulk container (IBC) containers.


  • Even mixing of liquids 
  • Fits all IBC standard container
  • Transportable with forklift
  • Safe design for operator with limit switch 

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