Industrial Vacuum Mixer (DSM)


A common mixing problem is the uniformity of blend especially in high viscous mixing. The lower speed anchor mixer needs to be able to continuously scrap the edge of the tank and feed products which are not yet dispersed or sheared well enough into the centre for high speed dispersion or high shear mixing. 

The combination of two mixing impellers in such design results in the best from both mixing technologies. It can be used for a great variety of vacuum mixing applications in almost all industries from processing of mayonnaise in food industry to cough syrup in pharmaceutical industries.

Moreover, Multimix® Industrial Vacuum Mixer DSM Mixer can also be combined with our inhouse developed Multimix® inline high shear mixer for more complex vacuum mixing requirements. (See DSM Inline)


The main advantage of such 2-in-1 concentric shaft design is that the size of the inner impeller e.g high speed disperser can be bigger than on an offset similar Dual Shaft Mixer/ Triple Shaft Mixer / Multi Shaft Mixer. The larger blade can not only do more work in the same period of time but also be positioned deeper into the mixing tank, allowing low-level liquid mixing and a more uniform radial flow resulting in significantly homogenized product, eliminating the need for conventional Triple Shaft Mixer / Multi Shaft Mixer.


The anchor mixer is equipped with Teflon scrapers in order to remove materials from inner side of vessel and at the same time pushes the mixture back into the centre where high speed dispersing or high shearing action takes place. 

Counter-rotating impellers at opposite direction promote a more uniform mix resulting in unparalleled homogenous product. 

Depending on the product’s viscosity and process requirements, there are 3 DSM models to choose from : 

  • DSM Paddle Mixer,
  • DSM High Speed Disperser,
  • DSM High Shear Mixer

Suitable for many applications across industries as:

  • Adhesive/sealants mixer
  • Epoxy/PU mixer
  • Wax and silicone emulsion mixer
  • Paint, ink, pigments & coating mixer
  • Chemicals mixer
  • Edible oils mixer
  • Latex compounds mixer
  • Food and beverage mixer 


  • Elimination of air bubbles, lumps or agglomerates problem with vacuum mixing
  • No dust pollution by transferring powder via vacuum 
  • Minimal wastage since powder is sucked completely by vacuum 
  • GMP and sanitary compliant design 
  • Effortless lifting and lowering with pneumatic/hydraulic 
  • Mixing capacity up to 20,000 Litres

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