DSM Vacuum Inline High Shear Mixer


Such vacuum mixing system is perfect for a great variety of emulsion & dispersion applications in almost all industries from processing of mayonnaise, cream, lotion, chemical dispersion, detergents in food industry to cough syrup in pharmaceutical industries.

The DSM mixing tank can be combined with Inline High Shear Mixer for emulsion-based vacuum mixing. 


The initial dispersion or emulsion process is carried out by the Inline High Shear Mixer and the product is transferred to the larger DSM mixing tank either for storage, packaging or additional processing. For high and medium viscosity mixing, the impellers in DSM mixing tank continuously mix the product thereby ensuring the emulsion stability and homogeneity even in large batch processing. 


  • Complete vacuum mixing system with heating/cooling (all-in-one)
  • Fine emulsions less than one micron particle size 
  • Elimination of air bubbles “fish-eye” and agglomerates problem
  • Elimination of “dust” pollution with vacuum material transfer
  • Homogenous mix with dual counter-rotating mixing impellers
  • Outstanding shearing performance with multi-stages inline high shear mixer
  • Outstanding stability and homogeneity.
  • Low raw material losses with no dead mixing spots
  • Easy for cleaning and GMP compliant

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