Multimix Laboratory Mixers

High-quality laboratory mixers or pilot plant mixers are indispensable for customers who needs to ensure consistency and quality of small batch formulations prior to bulk processing and large scale production.

Hence, Multimix offers a complete range of laboratory mixers, enabling customers to confidently upscale their laboratory formulation recipes to pilot and mass production.

Multimix lab mixers are designed for mixing small quantities of material (from 0.1 up to 30 litres) and comes with interchangeable attachments for mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and milling. These flexible attachments can be quickly and easily swapped without using any external tools for high usability and helps in reducing downtime and improving efficiency in your daily work.

This makes it ideal as ALL-IN-ONE multipurpose lab mixer highly suitable for all research & development purpose, QA analysis and small scale industrial mixing.

Key Features:
– Cost-effective
– Transportability (comes in a 20kg box)
– Aesthetically pleasing and compact
– Fine emulsion or dispersion within minutes
– Electrical lifting
– GMP compliant (SS 316L wetted parts material)
– Interchangeable attachments

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