Inline High Shear Mixer (IHSM)


More often than not when it comes to industrial mixers, a bulky static mixing tank is often seen in production area. Not to mention the fact that space IS becoming a scarcity and precious resource for factories, an efficient, mobile and compact mixing powerhouse is what customers are truly looking for. 

Multimix® Inline High Shear Mixer,  a versatile, multipurpose, mobile and compact high shear mixer designed for the production of fine emulsion and dispersion. The machine is delivered with a mobile stainless steel trolley which makes transportation a breeze and also a stainless steel hopper for ease of inserting the mixing materials. This unit is GMP compliant and capable of flow rates reaching up to 180,000 litres per hour (depending on the model). 


At the core of each IHSM lies a precision engineered “slotted” stator, designed in double stage up to a maximum four stages. Coupled with the vortex generated by the rotor inside, such design allows maximum shearing of particles as they are sucked and pushed through the sharp edges of the slots.


  • Gum dispersion such as Carbopol or Carbomel as thickener 
  • Sauces and ketchups 
  • Cough syrup mixture 


  • Fine emulsion (less than 1 micron particle size)
  • Fine dispersion without “fish-eye”
  • Compact and high mobility 
  • Reduction of batch processing time
  • Outstanding stability and homogeneity
  • Flexible capacity ranging as small as 25 litres up to 20,000 litre in a single machine

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