Mixing Applications

 Through many years of experience working with clients across many industries, Multimix® has gained extensive knowledge in mixing processes and known for helping customers to cut down the mixing process times, to solve their mixing problems in order to produce best quality products across many industry applications.

At Multimix, we do not sell just a mixer but rather solutions as different industries have different needs and require different approach to mixing.

Here you will find our applications and clientele where Multimix® machines have been used. We are glad to be able to use our know-how and identify the right mixer for you as solution best suited to your needs.


Latex Compounds

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Healthcare

Palm Oleo Related

Construction & Building Material

Silicon & Wax Emulsion

Flavouring Food & Beverage

Paint, Ink & Coating

Adhesives, Sealants & Industrial Chemicals

Toiletries, Beauty & Cosmetics