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Multimix Mixing Solution - Batch High Shear Mixer 105

Multimix Batch High Shear Mixer (BHSM) Series / High Shear In-Tank Batch Mixer is specially designed for mixing application of oil and water phases in order to produce a homogenous emulsion without separation. It is also widely used for a faster and more efficient dispersion especially when gum such as Carbopol needs to be incorporated without agglomeration problem due to “fish eye”.

At the core of each Batch Processing Mixer unit lies the precision engineered rotor & stator with either single or double vortex design which is key in high shear mixing for efficient emulsifying or homogenizing processes.

For specialty fats manufacturer producing ice cream, whipping cream, cocoa butter, confectionary spreads etc, the incorporation of oil and water phase and additives requires an effective high shear mixer in order to produce particle size small enough to prevent oil separation even after a long period of storage.

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  • Palm Oleo Related

Multimix is the only mixer in the market which combines Mixing, Dispersing, Emulsifying and Milling.

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