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Industrial Lubricants


Silicon & Wax Emulsion

Multimix Mixing Solution - Inline High Shear Mixer 410

In the processing extra fine silicone emulsions, high shear mixers are commonly used to achieve great shear levels to achieve stability in the formulation and most suited for viscosity levels up to 10,000 centipoise.

At the core of the Inline High Shear Mixer lies a precision engineered “slotted” stationary stator, designed in double stage up to a maximum four stages. Coupled with the vortex generated by the rotor inside, such design allows maximum shearing of particles as they are sucked and pushed through the slots of the multiple stationary stators.

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  • Silicon & Wax Emulsion

Multimix is the only mixer in the market which combines Mixing, Dispersing, Emulsifying and Milling.

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