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Fish oil emulsion


Flavouring Food & Beverage

Multimix Mixing Solution - DSM Vacuum Inline High Shear Mixing System

In order to produce high quality emulsion without separation even after a long period of storage time, it is very important to achieve fine particle size with an effective shearing mixer.

This is where Multimix Inline High Shear Mixer comes into play where the oil phase is slowly added into the water phase by means of hopper when forming emulsion mixture. The recirculation together with the anchor paddle mixer of the vacuum mixer serves to further enhance the homogeneity of the mixture. Last but not least, a chiller is connected to the jacketed mixing vessel to cool the mixture via cold water with a cooling rate of more than 1 degree Celcius per minute.

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  • Flavouring Food & Beverage

Multimix is the only mixer in the market which combines Mixing, Dispersing, Emulsifying and Milling.

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