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Toiletries , Beauty & Chemicals

Multimix Mixing Solution - DSM Vacuum High Shear Mixer

The client is one of the leading brand in halal beauty and cosmetic products. In most beauty products involving creams, the process requires heating while mixing. In order to facilitate product discharge, the client requires the vessel to be tilted as well without the operator having to hold it manually.

Our biggest strength is that we are able to customize and offer mixing solutions to suit and accomodate customer requirements.

Multimix DSM Vacuum High Shear Mixer comes with steam jacketed vessel and tilting system. The vessel position is locked automatically at any tilting degree and able to rotate 360 degree.

The vacuum system also allows elimination of bubbles thus ensuring beautiful finishing and texture of end product providing quality product perception to its end customer.

The entire mixing system is also fully sanitary and compliant with GMP requirements and all of its wetted parts (in contact with product) are made of SS316L materials.

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  • Toiletries , Beauty & Chemicals

Multimix is the only mixer in the market which combines Mixing, Dispersing, Emulsifying and Milling.

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